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The Option Genius Podcast: Options Trading For Income and Growth

Nov 18, 2019

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Happy Halloween or happy belated Halloween depending on when you listen to this. For me, actually it is the day after Halloween, and I was lucky enough to take my three kiddos out last night for trick or treating. Normally the wife does it, but she was sick and so it fell to me. Okay, no problem. We had fun.

We spent about an hour and a half going around. We've been living in the same house now for about 10 or 11 years. With my oldest turning nine in a couple of weeks, that means that we've probably been trick or treating about seven times I think.

We would probably missed a couple of times but we've been about seven times trick or treating since we've been in this house, but we have never tricker treated in our own neighborhood.

It sounds kind of weird, right? Normally you would stay where you are, but I don't know. Our subdivision is never very decorated for Halloween. I mean they go all out for other holidays, but Halloween it's just not a lot of decorated or lights or anything.

I never thought that we would get much candy. You know? If you know about Halloween, or if you have little ones, or grandkids or whatever, you know that the amount of candy you get determines if the night was a success or not. Right?

They don't care if it's cold. They don't care if it is windy like it was last night. All they care about is how many things they get in their little pumpkin. You know?

Last year my wife and her friends, they took all the kids to the quote unquote rich neighborhood. You know, the one with the million dollar houses thinking that, okay, if they're rich, they're going to have more candy. They'll be more generous.

Yes the kids did get a couple of the King size candy bars from a couple houses. Mostly it was the same. Everybody's giving the same little mini size stuff. Overall, at the end of the night, they ended up with less candy than they expected.

They didn't think about it, but it ended up that the reason was that these million dollar houses are so large, and they sit on so much property that it takes forever to walk with these little tiny legs, these five, six year olds to go from one house to the other house.

You end up hitting a lot fewer homes. You're not knocking on as many doors when you have such big houses, even though you might get a little bit more candy from each one. Oh boy.

Well last night I think it was in the lower forties, no sorry, upper forties in temperature. It was very windy. With my wife being sick, it fell onto me. I mean I didn't want to be out for a long time. I just wanted to get this over with. So we stayed in our own area. We stayed in her own little subdivision, and I was pleasantly surprised.

We weren't even done with our own block when my kids, pumpkin started filling up. I mean that's how much people were handing out. Being the resourceful dad that I am, I saw that there was a newspaper on the sidewalk.

In our neighborhood we get these free newspapers. Nobody really buys the newspaper anymore, but there's this free newspaper that they come every week and they throw on the ground.

I took the papers out, put them back on the ground, and I took the bag, the newspaper bag that it comes in. I started taking the candies, the excess candies from the pumpkin's and filling that up so that their pumpkin's would be empty again.

It just kept filling up over and over again, and eventually we had to stop at a neighbor's house. We had to ask him, "Hey, do you have anything we can hold all this candy in?" They gave us those plastic shopping bags that you get when you go to the groceries or whatever to haul all the treasure.

We actually filled up one bag with everything, and then it was so full, we had to actually double bag it, even triple bag I think. It was literally 30 to 40 pounds of candy that I was lugging around.

My kids are bouncing up and down, and I'm holding my three year old's hand, and I've got the 40 pounds of candy I'm cradling in the other hand because I didn't want the straps to break. That's how we were going from house to house to house.

By the time we were done we had enough candy to declare that this Halloween was the best ever. Not because it was with dad and I was more fun. It was just because there was so much candy.

My God, it was the most candy in the shortest amount of time from people that we already knew. That might've been part of it. Since we didn't know the kids, they might've given them a little bit extra. Who knows?

Why am I sharing this sweet story with you? Well, you know me, I always have a motive, right? We always have to tie it back into trading. We take life and then we bring it back.

When it comes to trading, people are always thinking that the candy will be better in another neighborhood, that their own neighborhood is not good enough for some reason and they got to go to another neighborhood where it costs money, or there's an admission fee to get in. Right?

Now, countless times over and over again, traders have told me that they're doing well with one approach, but they want more so they're going to switch to something else.

I just got an email today. The fellow said, "Hey, you know, I've been using this particular strategy and I'm up about 25%. I've learned from my dad how to do this, and he doesn't know very much, but I'm looking to do something else."

My question always is, why? You know? Why stop what is already working? That makes no sense to me. I mean, you can always add to it, right? I mean if you're doing something that works you keep doing it, but you can add to it slowly.

Before you do that, make sure that you are extracting every single Kit Kat out of what you're already doing. Test it. Tweak it. Maximize your gains because the big thing here is that you already know it works. Right? It already works. You already know how to do it.

I mean, sure other neighborhoods look enticing, but it could be a trap, or maybe even an old folks home where you don't get nothing. Just a bunch of scary people looking at you. Right?

I've said this before, you only need one strategy to make a lot of money, and if you've already found something that works, stop buying courses, stop watching videos, and going to seminars. Celebrate that win because that is rare. Celebrate it, and improve the results.

Now, if you don't have a strategy that works, you can check out our website at, and we'll share some of ours with you. Okay? If you already have something that works, and many of you do, just keep tweaking it and improving it.

If you need coaching to help you with that, then we can help you with that as well. Okay? I still have a couple slots open for my coaching program where we do one on one coaching with people.

If you already have something that might be perfect because you're already making money. You can take some of that money, invest in coaching and maybe double, triple whatever your gains are because there might be something that you don't know, or there's another way to protect yourself.

Same program, same strategy, same concept, but now it's done in a more professional way where you're protecting yourself. That would be the way I would suggest to go.

I know you get emails every day from all these gurus saying, "Hey, I have this amazing course, and I have this amazing thing that never fails, and it always works. It makes 1000000% every year. Look at this stock, I made a 100%. Look at this stock, I made 20%. Look at this stock, I made 50%."

I know they have very good, enticing copy, very good sales letters, and it makes you think that, "Oh my God, this is the Holy Grail. What I'm doing is peanuts compared to what this guy is going to teach me."

You never know, most of that stuff is marketing hype, and gimmicks, and it doesn't work. Okay? I mean, that's just the plain, simple truth of it. Unless they can show you, unless they're actually doing it themselves day in, day out, don't fall for it.

That's like going to trick or treat at the old folks home. They can't have any candy because they can't eat it, so they don't have any laying around, and they didn't go to the store to buy any candy so you're just wasting your time. Okay?

Remember while I go out and eat another Snickers bar, I want you to trade with the odds in your favor. Alrighty? Happy Halloween.




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