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The Option Genius Podcast: Options Trading For Income and Growth

Apr 27, 2021

80 miles. If you go on a car trip or road trip somewhere and drive for 80 miles, it takes a little bit over an hour. But on a bike 80 miles, whoo it can take all day long. Yep. So last week, I actually biked for 80 miles. Now I didn't do it on one day, I did it over three different days.

But with the wind in my face, going up hills, down hills going out about 10 to 13 miles an hour, it took a long, long time. So this week, I didn't do 80 miles. I did 60 miles so far. And I am hoping to do another 35 miles on Sunday.

Why you ask why am I putting myself through this?

Well, there is a charity ride ride coming up in a week and a half that I have registered for and it's called the MS 150. Normally, it's 150 miles to over two days. But in 2021, because COVID they've changed it. So they made it a one day ride. And you can either do 70 miles, 80 miles, or 100 miles.

I opted for the 70 mile one because well, I'm not exactly ready. Last time I did 35 miles in one day, my thighs were screaming in pain. But, I am going to do this ride, no matter what even if I'm not ready.

Even if I'm the last one to cross the finish line. They close up the whole race everything. Everybody goes home. I'm the only one there on the road pedaling. I'm going to do that until I finish and I'm going to do it. Why?

Because I put my mind to it. It's something I decided I'm going to do.

First I thought you know, I want a hobby -join a bike team, sign up for an event, lose some weight, get something exercise, but now it's not about any of that. It's about crossing the finish line and pedaling that whole 70 miles.

Is it going to take me eight hours, nine hours. I don't know, takes some breaks, maybe a lunch break and you know, a little time to calm down your muscles that are probably going to be cramping and spasming. Hopefully it doesn't take more than nine hours. But yes, it will take a long time. And it's going to be very difficult. And it's going to be something probably the hardest thing physically I've done ever.

But I'm going to do it. It's really mind over body, mind over matter, right? Because I set my mind to it. And I made a decision. And I said, that's it. No, there's no backing out. There's no stopping. There's no quitting, no matter what happens, I'm going to finish this race, because I want to.

So what is it that you want? And how bad do you want it?

I want this thing. And so when you're out bike riding, you're out there by yourself in the heat for hours and hours at a time sitting on this small little seat that's very hard and your butt is hurting. Your butt goes numb if you're a guy, you know other areas in the groin, they go numb, your arm start hurting, your legs are hurting. It's not fun, especially when you do it that long. But I want it.

It's mind over matter. I want it bad. I want to be able to say yes, I finished this ride. I did it. I set my mind to it. I finished.

How bad do you want it? There are lots of people that email us, come to us buy some of our products and say yeah, "I wanna learn how to trade, I have to I have to" that's the words they use. And then a very small, tiny percentage of them actually follow through and actually do it. I hope that's not you. What is it that you want? And how badly do you want it?

If you don't want it bad enough, it's not gonna happen. It doesn't matter. It's not about trading or exercise or losing weight. This is everything. How badly do you want it? Here's a question only you can answer. But the thing is, it is something that you can answer. And you can change your mind and you can change your desire into making something so badly wanting that you'll do whatever it takes. You'll sit for hours and hours on this hard little bike, pedaling in the heat, sweat stinging your eyes, wind blowing in your face, trying to push you down. legs, cramping, feet hurting, just going going going. I mean, I'm going to do it because I want to. What do you want to do? What do you want in your life and how badly do you want it? That's it. That's all it comes down to that is the secret to success. How badly do you want it? If you want it bad enough, you're going to find a way. If you don't want it bad enough, you're going to find an excuse.

Even if you have the most perfect opportunity in front of you. Market has been going up. Markets are up 60% ss I say this, from the time we had the COVID, bear market, it's up 60%. Even if you didn't trade a single option, all you do is throw money in the market, you would have made money. And yet people are still on the sidelines. People are still Oh, I'm, I'm trying to open my account. I'm changing. I'm trying to find a better broker. Oh, wow.

Stop making excuses, get it done. Mind over matter, put some urgency behind it. This market is not going to last forever, it's going to change, it's going to start getting more volatile, it's going to go down and up. And who knows what is going to do. Mind over matter? How badly do you want? And that's it. If you want it bad enough, you will figure out a way. And that's my message to you. How badly do you want it? And yes I keep asking because you need to give me an answer. You need to say this is what I want. And this is what I'm willing to do to get it. This is why and I want I want it. I want it. I want you to come up with your own answer. You don't need to tell me. You can tell me if you want. I'll be your accountability partner. You can email me - you let me know, hey, this is why I wanted this, this is what I want. And this is what I'm going to do it.

And if you do that, then we will email you back on your deadline and say hey what happened, did you do it? hope you did. Because everything you want can be yours. Everything is achievable. But you got to want it. How badly do you want it? Figure that out, change your life. That's it for this episode. To be honest, I am completely still exhausted. And I still have more training to go. But wish me luck. I'm going to do it. And maybe on the next episode I'll be telling you about all the stuff I learned on my ride. But until then trade with the odds in your favor and answer the question "How badly do you want it?"




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