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The Option Genius Podcast: Options Trading For Income and Growth

Aug 23, 2023

So what is it that is stopping you? What's stopping?

That's what we're going to talk about today. Now look, I have a thought experiment for you today. Now thought experiments are what Einstein you'd see use, you know, Einstein used to think about all these different things about how this would work. And that would work,...

Aug 17, 2023

The maximum money exercise. All right, this is gonna be fun, so chances are that you're not trading as well as you want. Chances are you're not making as much money as you want. And you might, or you might not know, the reason why.

I don't know, maybe you need a better strategy. Maybe you're not disciplined enough,...

Aug 7, 2023

Why do we trade? Sounds like a simple question, right? Maybe even a stupid question. Duh Allen, we trade because of the money. We want the money. Now I'm gonna say bull. No, it's not because of the money, money's great and all that, but it's not money. It's something deeper. So after that, what comes after money? Well,...